Everyone Should Be & Is Creative

Here is my ideal world: EVERYONE is an artist in their own unique way. They don’t care what people think. They don’t judge their work harshly. They create for the JOY of it & share it only if they want to and it’s not for the likes, success, fame, or money. In this world, kindness […]

Evolving In Our Artistic Style VS Social Media

As artists, we have an innate want to be successful, and it can be tempting to put that as our #1 goal. The truth is success shouldn’t be your goal. It’s beautiful when it happens but it doesn’t always happen. Working on your craft, truly expressing yourself, improving, and challenging yourself. These are more important, […]

Finding Things to Love in Your Ugly Art

Ugly art. Maybe you recoil at the phrase? Maybe it scares you. The truth is we ALL make ugly art. Whether we’ve been painting for 50 years or 1 week. It happens, even with experience. There isn’t one person on the planet that has tried to make art and hasn’t made ugly art. Ok! Now […]

The Secret to Creating Without Fear

I had a dream on Thanksgiving day that I was going to die. Like, soon. Maybe that day. Do you know what I did? I painted an elephant with lots of patterns. It was very loose and childish, and it wasn’t very pretty (and by that I mean frame-worthy), but I was enjoying expressing myself. […]

Art is Easy Without an Inner Critic

Art is as easy as breathing. You may not agree with that statement, I mean come on… it’s SO hard! But is it? Or do we make it so? I think art is EASY! Like most kids, you probably remember sitting and drawing for hours. Just doodling away. Drawing your cat, house, your family, a […]

Avoid & Heal From Creative Burn Out

If you’ve ever had burnout, you know how much it sucks! It’s one of the scariest things any artist can go through. It feels like you’ll NEVER love making art ever again. Trust me, I know, I’ve been there for almost TWO YEARS. If you’ve never been there, you might be terrified of getting burned […]

Demystifying The Flow State

You’ve probably heard the terms ‘in the zone’ or ‘the flow state’ passed around. If you’re a beginner artist you might be wondering when you’ll be good enough to enter into such a magical place. The truth is you can do it at ANY skill level! The flow state is when time slows down and […]

Overcoming Impostor Syndrome for Artists

It is believed that impostor syndrome affects 70% of the population. I think the number is closer to 90% with artists since we are always comparing our work to others and this can lead to never feeling good enough.  Impostor syndrome is when you think that the success you have was brought on by accident or luck, […]